DomainSpy Overview

DomainSpy is an analytics platform that gives users deep insight into any digital property. We’ve partnered with many of the best data providers available to create a tool that identifies traffic, performance, technology and search statistics to give your site a ranking in each category. These core areas of your business determine how long users stay on your site, how effective you are at converting sales and how up to date your technology is. Our algorithm deeply analyzes each of these areas and compares them with your competitors so you can get a jump on your competition and ensure your digital business is operating as efficiently as possible.

Our DomainSpy Formula takes each category score and uses that to calculate your overall score. Data partners such as Google, MOZ, YSlow, Amazon and TechLeads are the leaders in their respective categories, giving you access to analytics that are often behind expensive paywalls or have large usage restrictions.

The web continues to mature at a rapid pace and it’s now significantly more complex to operate a digital business than ever before. There are a number of different areas that can have a large impact on your business and it’s difficult to keep track of it all. We’ve built a platform that helps even the most novice business owner analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their digital operations. We give you the data on your business and provide simple solutions to improve on your weaknesses.